Jo Faiers

HR Rockstar / Director

Who We Are

HR Rockstars was set up to create opportunities for Senior HR professionals in pursuit of a true work-life balance.

About Us

We are all informal communicators; we appreciate straight talking and value frank conversations with our clients. We invest time into understanding you, the organisation and your culture. We believe our job is to clear the way so your exposure to risk is reduced and you can get on with the job you want to be doing.

Employee Relations 0%
Recruitment 0%
Mediation 0%
Policy and Procedures 0%


Mediation is magic when trying to resolve conflict in the workplace. It defuses anger, reinforces adult communication and teaches individuals empathy and understanding. Mediation usually takes 1 day and prevents lengthy grievance investigations which are a drain of resources and time.

Disciplinary and Grievances

Relationships between people can break down in any environment, and the workplace is no different. Clashes in personality, poor communication, bullying, discrimination and harassment can create a significant risk to your business and can be a significant drain on your time. We can guide you step by step, or manage any grievance or disciplinary action that may arise.

Performance Management

The number one issue our clients come to us for!

There’s always one that brings the team down, for what ever reason we can sort it through a fair and reasonable process.

Employment Law Updates

Employment law changes all the time as we see various cases through our Tribunal courts. As legislation changes, we keep you informed, we update your policies and help you to make sure that you comply.


The rewards that your people value and what motivates them are more than purely financial – typically one third of employees would move to a different company to work in a better environment. Reward is an area that can really reinforce the Values and Culture of your organisations.

Recruitment and Selection

We work closely with you to provide the level of support that is right for your company. This may be taking on the entire recruitment process or sitting in interviews as an HR presence.

  • Writing job descriptions, person specifications and job adverts
  • Advertising in the most effective media for your business
  • Sourcing suitable recruitment agencies
  • Providing psychometric and ability tests
  • Screening CVs for short listing
  • 1st stage video interviews
  • Designing competency-based interview questions
  • Conducting face-to-face interviews

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