Thirsky Work

We stumbled across a video posted by Andy Thirsk celebrating his time working as an Art Director at BD. We were really impressed by this positive exit and the fact that he showcased his amazing time at BD. His entire network of colleagues and friends saw this.

It’s important that when someone does move on, they move on with the memory that you supported their development, you were there for their ups and downs and you contributed to them taking the next step in their career. To have your people exit with such a positive experience is absolutely brilliant for your company reputation. Positive leavers support your company in a number of other ways:

  • Free advertising to back fill their position
  • Free advertising for your business
  • Supports your recruitment strategy
  • Supports retention of current people, (their view of the company being a great place to work will be reinforced).
  • Positive leavers will increase your current people’s performance.

Have you got an exit policy? Call HR Rockstars and let’s see what we can come up with to suit your business culture.   For all my creative, technology clients out there, perhaps we take a leaf out of BD’s book and insist on leavers showcasing their amazing experience working for you. Get their story on your recruitment page!

Andy is now Senior Art Director at Isobar. Lucky Isobar! Check out his experience and let us know what you think.


This was BD from Andy Thirsk on Vimeo.