Creating the Right Environment

What is Company Culture?

It’s ‘the way we do things round here’. It’s everything from how you encourage people to behave, i.e. serious or playful to how decisions are made; do you consult and plan or just make the decision by yourself.

Why is it so important?

Clearly defined organisation purpose and values set focus and direction for the organisation. If values are not prominent in what you do they become diluted and the founders vision is lost. The stronger people identify with your business values and purpose the stronger the culture tends to be. A strong culture helps people have focus and direction and ultimately they will share your goal for success. It’s important that people feel part of what is going on and having an effect on the business. If your people are not vibrantly part of what you do they can become disengaged.

How we can help

A challenge for any business is retaining the culture, values and founding purpose of the organisation as it develops. You may not even realize what your values are yet. We can help you define them and reinforce them in your recruitment techniques, your on-boarding process, your performance reviews and when managing difficulties in the workplace.

Creating and maintaining the right environment will support everything that you do in your business. It will help you attract and keep the right people, and to get the best out of them. It also gives you a clear framework to work with when managing performance.

Understanding your company values and getting buy in from your people

We can help with developing your company values and/or supporting you and your people with living by them.