Employee Assistance Programme

We know you want a Happy, Healthy Workplace because your people are important to you.

What is EAP?

An Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is a scheme that gives staff the opportunity to contact an independent adviser, by telephone or in person, for confidential help with a range of issues that may be causing them concern.

Why is it so important?

EAPs are rapidly becoming a mainstay of the modern workplace, with employees welcoming the opportunity to take advantage of professional help that makes them feel happier in themselves and more productive in their work.

By helping staff deal with a range of personal problems, you defuse issues that would otherwise adversely affect their performance at work. You will see returns in terms of staff productivity, attendance and an upturn in workplace morale.

Key benefits for employers:

  • Improve performance. An employee that feels fulfilled in their job and is free from any adverse physical or mental conditions is someone that is able and willing to give 100% of effort to their work.
  • Reduce absenteeism.Happier, healthier employees are more motivated and more able to cope with workplace challenges.
  • Increase retention. Many people attempt to tackle stress by changing their job. An EAP, on the other hand, helps them deal with the root causes of the stress while building on their existing role.
  • Increase engagement. EAPs are much more than a simple workplace perk. You are giving your staff a life changing service and they will value the Company for this.

EAPs enable strategic interventions that can transform the workplace, at an individual level and at a team or departmental level.


Key benefits for employees:

  • It’s convenient. We offer a 24/7 telephone helpline
  • It’s comprehensive. We are there for your employees to discuss a wide range of often interrelated issues. For example, if debt worries are having a detrimental effect on their health, mental wellbeing and their work, we can help them address all aspects of the problem.
  • It’s strictly confidential. So, just like when you visit your GP, any discussions that take place are entirely private and off the record.

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