Mediation Services

What is Mediation?

Mediation is an effective process used at the initial stage of any disagreement or conflict. It is designed to restore, improve and maintain relationships. Mediation is HR Rockstars preferred route to conflict resolution, as it is solution focused and future focused.

The process is completely voluntary and confidential. It involves one of our experienced, independent and impartial Mediators helping two or more individuals bring to light their underlying needs and interests and reach a solution that’s acceptable to all involved. We do not make judgments or determine outcomes. We assist parties understanding of each other’s situations. We create a safe environment for parties to be heard and ultimately understood.

Why choose Mediation?

We know all to well that an outcome to a grievance often leaves one party feeling they’ve lost. The relationship is rarely ever the same again, in most cases it’s worse and in worst cases someone leaves or goes off sick. Grievances take time to investigate properly; the process can be difficult and costly.

Mediation requires no determination of who is right and who is wrong; it simply determines how to move forwards. Mediation is far more advanced approach to managing conflict. We always encourage a mediation session before any grievance case is progressed.

When is Mediation appropriate?

Mediation is ideal for addressing issues including; communication problems, discrimination and harassment, bullying, personality clashes and other relationship breakdowns. A one-day mediation session can resolve these issues swiftly, effectively and with little disruption as possible.

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