Rewarding Your People

Corporate Rewards

The rewards that your people value and what motivates them are more than purely financial – typically one third of employees would move to a different company to work in a better environment. We can develop novel reward schemes with very low price tags, and have seen immediate interest from candidates when listing some of our client benefits. Reward is an area that can really reinforce the Values and Culture of businesses, and we can help you bring it to life.

Flexible Working Arrangements

As long as someone has 26 weeks continuous service, they have the right to request a flexible working arrangement.   We can guide you through this process and write your process if you don’t have one already. Flexible working arrangements are a gift to some people and as good employers we should embrace this benefit. You can get so much more out of your people if you are flexible with their working pattern or location.   

Staff Rewards

We will research and identify what motivates your people and facilitate brainstorming sessions for reward ideas suitable for your business and budget.  There are some really creative ways of rewarding your people but it needs to be right for you and your business.