Whistleblowing Services

What is Whistleblowing?

There have been many high profile events around the World that have raised the profile of whistleblowing. Trading scandals have been exposed in leading Banks, evidence of manipulation of fuel emission have been reported and charities have been investigated for alleged misspent donations and worse wrongdoing. All these issues were publically exposed by whistleblowers.

In response to these embarrassing cases we have recognised the importance of more open and transparent cultures where reporting unethical behaviour is encouraged.

The Benefits for having a Whistleblowing Policy and Procedure

Many organisations have now introduced a clear whistleblowing procedure to reduce the risk of serious concerns being mishandled in any way. With a clear Whistleblowing Policy and Procedure in place, employees will understand what to do if they come across illegal or unethical activity in the workplace and feel encouraged to report this activity.

How HR Rockstars can help:

Policy and Procedure
We can provide you with a Whistleblowing Policy and Procedure

24-hour Confidential Whistleblowing Service.
We provide a confidential service where employees can make an anonymous disclosure if they wish to. A disclosure report will be provided to the appropriate person in the organisation with recommendations for further investigation.

Investigation Services
We can investigate for you, sensitively with as little disruption as possible. An investigation report will be written with recommendations for any consequent action e.g. disciplinary or training requirements.

If you require a Whistleblowing Policy, Procedure, a 24-hour Whistleblowing Service or have concerns about a live issue please get in touch.

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